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The Kalyvides Partnership is an architectural and urban design practice established in 1994 by Tryfon Kalyvides.  The practice's activities focus on Master Planning, Urban Design and Architecture.  Our master plans at Marsham Street and Paddington have led to major architectural commissions including the award winning Home Office Mixed use at Monck Street and the first phase residential development at Merchant Square at Paddington Basin.  In 2007 the practice was awarded the prestigious accolade from Westminster for its contribution to the urban environment.




We like to treat every client project as if it were our own.  Our success is only realised when our clients succeed in their project goals.  The Kalyvides Partnership creates a collaborative environment between client and architect.  Collaboration leads to innovative projects designed by talented professionals.  The architect's role is to enable development within the parameters of the opportunity.  Our philosophy is to generate ideas and inspire collaboration.  We aim to delight and enhance the lives of our clients, building users and public. 




The fundamental aim of The Kalyvides Partnership is design excellence and making places.  Our passion is great design with pure imagination maintaining a consistent design philosophy withstanding the test of time based on ideas, not styles or trends.  Architecture is primarily a quest for beauty but also has roots in human everyday living and grows naturally through a quest for ideas and answers and a passion for finding solutions and opportunities to difficult and complex problems.  This activity combines creative thinking with technical knowledge and expertise.  Architecture is spirited fun creating buildings that perform as well as excite founded upon an appreciation of social and environmental context and evolves through rigorous inquiry into the particulars of the brief requirements, location and context to produce distinct and specific buildings for individual sites.




Sensitive to the nuances of place and precedent.  The importance of the site, its environment, budget and special requirements is maintained through every aspect of the project.  Careful attention is attributed to proportion and assured sculptural form with meticulous care for detail.  Patterns, textures and proportions are key to the development of architectural solutions.  All out projects are responsive to context, cultural/political/historical and physical influences combining space, light and materials in the service of people and the built environment. 

The Kalyvides Partnership studio
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