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The residential/commercial part of the Home Office Master Plan in Westminster provides 19,509sqm (210,000sqft) of mixed use development representing approximately one third of the total development area. The mixed use scheme includes 144 residential units of which 44 units are affordable. The fabric of the development is a concrete frame with curtain walling, 50 mm quarter bonded brickwork cladding , terracotta rainscreen systems, metal panels and glass. At the base limestone facades front the retail units whilst at upper levels the larger apartments are clad with glass spandrel and clear panels. The buildings consist of seven independent cores.  There are nine retail units , one creche with amenity space, two pocket parks and 104 car parking spaces at basement level. At Monck Street the three buildings are designed as a complimentary composition with the central building providing hierarchy. The forms are expressed with a strong sense of order with incidents for variety strengthening and influenced by the relationship with the urban context. The street facades are heavily articulated, whilst at the rear a more theatrical approach animates the public and private open spaces between buildings. The scheme won the Westminster Society Award for its contribution towards the enhancement of the built environment in the City of Westminster.




Planning to Completion


60,000 sqft residential

4,500 sqft retail



Bouygues (UK) Ltd, 
Annes Gate Property Ltd

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