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The site adjoins the Great Eastern Wharf in Battersea known as Ramsome Dock. The proposals are for the demolition of Sterling House, London House and Ransomes Mews and the construction of a new development on the water front include 54 residential units with retail and open amenity space at the ground level. To the rear of the site the scheme includes 6 private houses with gardens. The design is based on a central spine with fingers of development orientated to take full advantage of oblique views of the River Thames. The inner courtyard development is a terraced house carved from the rock in a series of horizontal layers which stitch together with the waterfront spine. Between the two a sheltered courtyard forms the heart of the development.


Mixed Use / Residential​


Planning to Completion


75,800 sqft residential

10,250 sqft retail/restaurant



Revensale Ltd

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