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The Atkins master plan is for the redevelopment of the Sir John Atkins Buildings which form part of King’s College London.


The site is located at the heart of the Kensington Conservation Area and extends 0.85 hectares.
It is bounded by Camden Hill to the north and Sheldrake Place to the south.


The master plan considers the context whilst proposing a large scale development at Camden Hill. The proposal follows the natural fall in the site levels with lower density development at the southern boundary sympathetic to the domestic scale at Sheldrake Place.


Key features include a strong architectural element at the bend in Camden Hill which identifies the entrance as a focus to views westwards, a taller central element providing a steady pulse at the heart of the master plan and rotundas to the south- east and south-west corners which terminate views northwards from Duchess of Bedford’s Walk. The separate forms provide entrance features, courtyards, linear buildings, landmarks, corner compositions and linking buildings.


Master Planning




0.85 hectares


European Land
(KC & UMDS) Ltd 

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