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Building on the mixed use master plan that is already part constructed, the new master plan at Finzel Reach adds to the; 3,958 sqm (42,600 sqft) of retail/leisure facilities,15,347 sqm (165,000 sqft) residential 10,590 sqm (114,000 sqft) of offices within Bridgewater House, Fermentation buildings, Micro Brewery and the Compressor building that have been completed and part occupied/sold. 

The new master plan considers the remaining opportunity to build 43,825 sqm (471,732 sqft) of mixed use facilities including private residential, student accommodation and a boutique hotel.


The master plan also develops the external plaza spaces at East Tucker Street and Hawkins Lane to create a sense of destination. A new ‘green’ bridge is proposed connecting St Peters Church and Castle Park with the Finzel Reach Master Plan area.


Master Planning​


Master Plan Guidelines


4.4 hectares​


Mace Real Estate Ltd, HDG Mansur

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