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The master plan is primarily residential accommodation on a structural deck spanning the railway lines with mixed uses at the public ground and first levels. The buildings are designed to act as integrated structures spanning the width of the railway lines. The linear elements linking Mornington Crescent with Park View East will also provide open public spaces and courtyards to further enhance connectivity and break down existing barriers. Single storey pavilion structures along the length of the two streets supported on the deck act as gateways such that the open spaces can be identified and animated and provide mixed uses at the lower levels.


The master plan includes buildings ranging from 6 – 8 storeys. The scheme also includes a 15 storey building as a landmark structure. The scheme takes advantage of the existing depot building and here the forms are built from the ground level and self-supporting. It is at this point that the main entrance into the master plan area is connected to the local street patterns and activity zones.


Master Planning​


Outline Planning


European Land

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